Best of TBA, it is time... for what?

Since it is finally Spring again (although lucky Minnesotans
are expecting a snowstorm this week), I want to share these
two posts from the past.

May, 2008
We went into the woods last week - finally without snow, and
found my pear form now clinging, dependent upon the curved
pine to survive winter.

It is time! The time when those hibernated ideas climb out
and insist upon being heard. The time when I get this Spring
urgency for action, passed down from generations of farmers.
Time for our kids to explore the new growth. Time for me
to say good bye to these pears and grow new ones.

Time to let go.

For you, what is it time for?

May, 2011
Especially living in the North, Spring springs new energy,
projects and ideas...

Shortly after her family-tree project in school and the day
after her dad went turkey hunting, we found A (age 10)
busy collecting sticks. Later, I came upon this scene. She
explained that she has hung 16 turkey feathers from the
ladder she constructed, one for each of her first cousins.
She wanted to include each of her cousins on her
family-tree school project, but she ran out of time.
So, this is her Cousin Ladder Sculpture up to her
"family tree".

supplies: sticks, a small hatchet, string, scissors,
turkey feathers, patience

She obviously loves her cousins!

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