Making Honey, our daughters' blog about kid-driven creativity

Through their eyes, and now, in their words.
The blog Making Honey is now totally theirs.

In 2009, I started a blog about kid-driven art. I wrote:
"Some of my best memories from this summer spent with
our daughters was when they were exploring, inventing,
and creating... and I was there, not micro-managing
them! Now, while getting my Art classroom ready for the 

school year (I teach Art to grades 3-12), I am thinking 
back to our summer moments of "making honey"--
those sweet (and sometimes sticky, messy) moments of 
kid-driven brilliance. I thought I'd share some of these 
creations to help other parents with ideas, but also as 
a way to keep making more memories with A & J. 
Childhood is so short. Our time together is so short. 
So, let's make honey!"

In 2013, our older daughter started contributing her ideas
and photos, and now in 2015 our younger daughter is
starting to add to the blog too. Since they are older now and
Making Honey is about kid-driven creativity, it's fitting for it
to be totally by them--through their eyes and in their words!

A few images from the past:

"Coldzilla Wreaks Havoc", A's first totally independent post in 2013.

J's Barbie Art Show, what to do with small drawings.


A's Fairy Village, winter drawings.
A and J Make a Fairy Village, in the summer flower garden.
Came upon A constructing a ladder from sticks and string.

A and J's Idea Books (sketchbooks).

J painting a frame with a cousin.

J went on a photo-walk with the painted frame.

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