Out-Doors Installation, a call for doors in memory

I am currently starting a new project about "The Art 
of Grieving" (I know, I am always such a ray of 
sunshine) and looking for donations of old doors. If 
you donate a certain door in memory of someone, I 
will paint the door a color that you associate with 
them--still working on the details and want your 
input so it will evolve naturally and collaboratively. 
The color has to feel right for you, so I'll work with 
you on that. The doors will become free-standing 
(with feet staked into the ground), and placed in 
arrangements in various temporary "Out-Door" (our 
14 year-old daughter gets credit for that clever 
name) installation sites in the Minnesota landscape, 
possibly the Nemeth Art Center front lawn (Park 
Rapids), our alfalfa field (rural Menahga), possibly 
the Little Falls Mill Ruins, etc. Eventually, some of 
the doors may also be shown alongside a collection 
of my large paintings in an exhibit. Many of my 
recent paintings have metaphors related to grief, 
hope, and acceptance running through them, so I 
want to have some conversations about these 
important topics. If you want to donate in the 
memory of a specific person, or just want to 
donate a door, please comment below, or contact 
me via my e-mail address on my about page.

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