Water, Sun, Moon, Growth. A Book.

Today, this book, Water, Sun, Moon, Growth, was sent to the Brooklyn Museum.

Taken right before I misplaced the book for 5 days

First day, making an arrangement of inspiring objects.
(SBP book, on bottom left.)
by Carolyn Kleefeld, Climates of the Mind
Random arrangement, after shaking up objects.
In case you are thinking about joining in on the Brooklyn Museum Sketchbook Project, here was my process, January-March, 2019:
  1. January: Accept a birthday gift of a Brooklyn Museum Sketchbook Project from poet-friend, LouAnn Shepard Muhm. (Or, go to the Brooklyn Museum, pay, and order the book.)
  2. February: Register the book online with the Brooklyn Museum and choose Go-between from theme list.
  3. Find out the postmark deadline is March 30th, 2019. Freak out a little, when looking at the blank pages. 
  4. Decide to pull a lot of current creative ideas together (Water-Moon-Growth, Drought-Sun-Decay, the Twyla Tharp project box, and poetry from Climates of the Mind by Carolyn Kleefeld) into one book. 
  5. Still February: Gather inspiring objects in the bank box. Then, make arrangements of inspiring objects on the cover of the box: retro fabric, stones, leaves, almonds, a net, etc. Read some Kleefeld poetry. Take photos. 
  6. Embrace change and chance. Shake the objects to create a random arrangement. Take more photos.
  7. Still February: Begin drawing in book, compositions influenced by poetry, the photos, and above themes. Fall hard for the color and blendability of Prismacolor colored pencils. Create new imagery and compositions for future work on book pages.
  8. March 11-12th: Finish last pages. Name it, Water, Sun, Moon, Growth, and create the book cover image.
  9. LOSE THE BOOK for 5 days. Look everywhere in house and classroom. Text husband, daughters, and LouAnn (poet-bestie), begging for help to find it. Dig through the garbage a few times. 
  10. Give up looking for it for a day, and estimate that 40 hours of labor were put into the book.
  11. Stand catatonic, for long pauses in various places in your house, trying to reimagine where you move things when you clean. 
  12. FIND IT! In a file folder you hastily stuffed with a pile of your 18-year-old daughter's college info, and the book. 
  13. Smile, BIG. Pay for the digitized version of the book. 
  14. March 25th: Get video of flipping through the book pages. Send Water, Sun, Moon, Growth to the Brooklyn Museum.
A few details of pages from the book, in chronological order

The 'project box' of inspiration for the project

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LouAnn Muhm said...

This turned out so beautifully!