Art & Thinking in This Century

Recently, I shared this updated Bloom's Taxonomy (below) with my secondary Art students. Bloom's Taxonomy shows levels of thinking skills. This pyramid aligns with what has been identified as the most important skills needed to succeed in the 21st Century: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. No wonder such a high percentage of Nobel Prize winners in Science have training in the Arts. 

My students' current winter art show displays how they are applying art techniques, using critical thinking skills, and communicating with originality and humor. Like life, the art process is messy. There are a lot of rough drafts, paint spills, restarts, and ideas lost if they aren't written down or sketched out. With humor, persistence, courage, and usual teen energy, students can find their voices, develop skills and confidence, and tell their stories in Art. It's their time!

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