Second Winds

Have been working toward many second winds
lately, especially since it has finally been over
40 degrees and I have started to run again. Is
there any better feeling than a second wind when
running? Well, besides eating the second bowl
of icecream after running. Who would have thought
that Jack Sparrow (you know, the pirate) would
be a good running companion? When I don't feel
like running, or doing housework, or grading
student work lately, I think about this:
"The problem is not the problem. The
problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow

Getting a second wind is exhilarating, but not
always predictable. Teaching, parenting, and
building a house require second, third, and fourth
winds. They will come, usually not as soon I
want, but isn't that what makes them so

Feeling a bit of a second wind with my art lately
too. The work More or Less, below, was sent
off today to be in the permanent collection of
Finlandia University Art Gallery in Hancock,
Michigan. It will be in a group exhibit this June
during FinnFest USA 2013.


More or Less?

I am sending off More or Less soon. It will be in the
permanent collection of Finlandia University Gallery
in Hancock, Michigan. Good to know it will be in a
safe, climate controlled home! This piece, made of
sewing pattern paper, acrylic medium and paint,
and block-printed ink, hung in our house entry for a
few years and was in the group exhibit (Dis)covering 
the Veil at the Cyrus Running Gallery at Concordia
College, Moorhead in 2011.

    More or Less hanging outside              Detail of front side

I used to call this piece More, but More or Less
seems more appropriate. Here is the artwork
statement for the 2011 exhibit:
This painting began as an ode to light, as 
the womb-like pear form was painted to allow 
light and color through the translucent paper. 
As it continued, I chose to repeat the block-printed 
word “more” and it quickly became a statement 
or challenge. Are we all sheep? Or can we resist 
the demand upon us to have and do more, and 
more fully appreciate the natural abundance all 
around us?