O Crow, O Fox

O Body incantation bowl, with added crow in center of cancer cell/cage
Somehow the crow and the fox have become a part
of this incantation bowl narrative. The playful, witty, yet
vulnerable aspects of these animals lend well to these
incantations against fears. Also, the folklore and other
symbolic associations with these animals add to the


New bowl in-progress, Against Want

Lack that devours
(sewing pattern paper, tempera paint)

Sketchy & loose, growing visual metaphor

How do you transform word to visual metaphor?
There is always the risk of being too literal, too
medical illustration-like. Yet, I have to start
somewhere and my sketchy lines are beginning
to sow the seeds.

Sketchy and loose, here is a start to what will
be the illustrated centers of many bowls based on  
Litany, another of LouAnn Muhm's textural
incantation poems loaded with metaphor.
I shared these sketches with my students
recently, since they are working on illustrating
metaphors from song lyrics.

from our husks

reveal what is fulcrum