Pushing Through the Web

"I came from a family of repairers. The spider is
a repairer. If you bash into the web of a spider, 
she doesn't get mad. She weaves and repairs it."
Louise Bourgeois

So Louise, what if I am stuck in your web? You
were brilliant and bold, but I am making my own
way during a different time, now. Or, what if I
bash into and destroy my own work, because I
do get mad?

This light orange and deep blue painting started
and then abruptly stopped. I sit and wait in the
space-in-between, telling myself to trust the
process. Today, I am looking to my nature
photos, old work, and new friend the Layout
app to push me forward.

Feeling caught in a space or content in a space
are often so close. But, I need to keep pushing
through. And, making. And, repairing. And,
knowing when to listen and learn from the art
masters. And, knowing when to blast through
into making my own history. 


Curious Wolf, For Avery

Last fall the wolf moved in through a door and into 
my paintings, around the beginning of the school 
year. Like most septembers, there was a flurry of 
activity here at our school. And, we met a new 
student in 10th grade, Avery. Avery was in my 
study hall and every day in October he would walk 
in, go straight to my painting to check the progress, 
and then ask questions, or give suggestions. I told 
him this is my first-ever wolf painting, so I need 
suggestions. He seemed drawn to it. He showed 
keen eye for art and had some great ideas that 
helped shape the painting. I recommended he 
take an Art class in the future. He shrugged, 
maybeAs fall moved along, flying orange leaves 
appeared in the painting, and I was wondering, 
why a wolfNow I know, the wolf is a metaphor 
for a stronger, fiercer hope and trust. 

Little did we know that Avery and his family and 
friends were going to enter a brave battle with an 
aggressive cancer this winter. And now, when I 
look at this painting will always think of Avery. I 
will think of his curiosity. I will think about how we 
are all connected. I will think of the word BRAVERY 
that is on the t-shirts we wear in his honor. will 
think of Avery, but also the fierce love of his family 
and friends. Love never ends.

I decided to title this painting, Curious Wolf, for 
Averybut it is just as much for his family and 

Avery, you have touched our lives, for the better.

Curious Wolf, for Avery