Grateful for My People

Last February, Carrie, Artist Strong blogger and artist interviewed me. Today, I am looking back at the response to the question, What inspires you?

"I need words and ideas. And trust. And stories with texture that follow childlike curiosities. And brave color. And subtle earthy scents. And the freedom to be in that space where I do not worry about money, or the history of art, or the legacy of my life, or pleasing anyone."

I was in that space in July when most of these recent paintings came out. Today, I want to add, I need people. I need my people, who understand and celebrate the things mentioned above. Yesterday and today I am especially grateful for the people who inspire me, and others who encourage and support. If you're lucky, you will have a few people who do all of that, and you will do the same for them. I am finally at the stage in life when I have learned to really appreciate those people, and not worry so much about the opinions of the rest.

My word for 2016 is FREE. Like I said in January, this one large word/idea, like a block of basswood, begins the new year with a promise. If I work at it with both wild abandon and careful hewning, something from within it (or me) will be set free. 

Especially grateful for this guy!


How to get ready for your own art reception

1. Dig out all of your black dresses. 
2. Stare at them. Ask, what would Georgia do?
3. Grab the one that has a retro vibe, not too mainstream, but won't scare your mother. 
4. Put it on. Tell yourself that it isn't edgy enough, but agree with yourself that being an artist AND a public school art teacher is your excuse. 
5. Make up, not too much like The Cure, but a little nod to the 80s is okay. Skip the lipstick. 
6. Hair, cannot look too coiffed, must look like you were distracted by other things. Absolutely do not look like someone Axl Rose would hit on. 
7. Step into dressy but comfy shoes. Wish you were close personal friends with Sarah Jessica Parker. 
8. Oops. Overdid it. Look like I am ready for parent/teacher conferences at a private school.