According to Twyla Tharp, everyone has a focal length,
"All of us find comfort in seeing the world either from
a great distance, at arm's length, or in close-up."
Before yesterday I've been at a middle distance in the
woods. Yesterday I zoomed-in to see what I have been
missing. Today I used those close-up images to create
a larger grid - the larger picture of constructing meaning
from the details... I'm finding that I may most often sit
in the mid-focal length, but when I get out of that
comfort zone discovery begins.


T. Besonen said...
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T. Besonen said...

If you alter my plans
37” will yell and I may turn away
99” is when I know you are listening
41’ will whisper our grand plan
Before my 3 hour trek into the wind
Preparation is needed, but not a bath
I’m always acceptable to the trees