more or enough?

This painting is also part of my "Making Honey" series.
I temporarily hung More in the jackpine site. Later, I
block-printed the wrapped sheep.

sewing pattern paper, paint, ink, 20" x 90"

Are the words getting eaten or released?

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Mud Girl said...

I've been pondering your question for a couple weeks.

You asked if it's eating or releasing...

It's both at the same time. If it's 'more' in a sense of consumerism, then its being devoured; However, in that same way when you are taking in more, you are also putting that energy out into the universe and others that they need more.

Alternatively, if we stick with your symbolic Mama Pear theme, then it's the mother giving more, and more to her children, her family, her home.

I like this piece a lot, it is multifaceted.

Good luck with project 39.9