Intuitive Ewe

February Ewe 1, 2011. Ink on a 1921 encyclopedia page.
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Recently, I have been working more intuitively with
images, words, and materials to create narratives.
Creating these personal metaphors is a therapeutic
process of soothing my own anxieties, and discovering
how we are all connected to each other, as well as
connected to nature and to the past. Also, I have been
researching the Art Nouveau movement of the early
1900s in art and design history. I am fascinated with
how this time period was such an important transition
into the modern art era, and I see parallels between the
industrialization of the early 1900s and the digitalization
of today.

Drawing on the surface of 1920s encyclopedia pages
with black ink, I am enjoying the process of responding
to the surface texture and words as sheep images and
natural, art-nouveau-inspired motifs overlap.
February Ewe 2, 2011. Ink on a 1921 encyclopedia page.
(Click on image to see words and details.)


Anonymous said...

You're art work still inspires me. Sorry I haven't spoke in so long the real world sure takes your mind away from the important things. It's good your still into honeycombs and lambs i loved them awefully much. I still have my apron and use it often. I miss you and all your motherly concern for my and all your students well being. =] You should write me or make a post card for me ^_^

p.o. box 52
Laporte MN 56461

Miss you dearly

tibesonen said...

How did I miss this comment more than a year ago. I am going through this blog and found it today. Are you still at the same address? I have wondered about you and how you are doing so many times. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I am going to go ahead and send a postcard, and hope it is forwarded to you if you aren't at that address anymore.

miss you!
T. Besonen