In the meantime

Still waiting on a diagnosis of my thyroid tumor. Just found
out today that I have another inconclusive result (insufficient
cells for diagnosis) of the second biopsy. It has been more
than a month of waiting, and wondering. Trying to take
more action about making an appointment with a specialist
today. Now waiting to hear about that. Frustrating.

Today my own diagnosis is that most of our lives are 
living "in the meantime". In the meantime, I choose to
paint and "blog pist", my new term for angry blog posts!

Full Moon Waiting, finished today
Full Moon Waiting feels more finished now. I am excited about
how the Brancusi-like endless columns sprouted up out of my
honeycomb patterns. If I am not making sculptures right now, feels
good to paint them. I believe that Frida Kahlo would approve of
this painting!

In the Meantime
acrylic on 24"x30" canvas.


Anonymous said...

I think you already named it. "In the mean time." Cancer, the fear, the reality, the possibility of it when challenged is mean and cruel.

The mean time of waiting is mean and evil to the soul and the mind as well.

The ewe (you?) is a bit challenging and looks ready to take on the forces trying to force it into the corner.

Maybe it's not ready to be named yet either since it's in progress.

tibesonen said...

Thanks Dawn! I changed the name to "In the Meantime". Giving titles takes me awhile, especially since the painting process is so far from the verbal brain.