Ctrl+z. Hello Germany.

Lookout, 2011
acrylic paint, 24" x 30"

I have been painting these 24" x 30" canvases for
two months now. It has been like medicine, although
not without challenges. Art is work and play at the
same time, or maybe it alternates between labor and
dreaming. No matter what, there is a point where I
have to work past the frustrations and vulnerability.

There have been some surprises. The first surprise was
that it took awhile to think like a painter again. Most of
my work has been digital for the last few years. This
shift in thinking was made obvious to me in early
October when I painted over something, and wanted an
instant undo. My brain immediately barked, "Reach for

Another surprise is how adding my work to this blog
has become such huge motivation to paint more. The
last stage of the creative process is getting it out there,
and I am so thankful to live in this time when sharing my
work on the other side of the world is this easy and
immediate. Which leads me to another surprise, this
blog has an audience in Germany and Russia! I'd love
to hear comments from some of you. I have great
memories of visiting Berlin in 1992 for a college trip.
It seemed like I was a world away then, before the
world-wide-web and the digital revolution.

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hawksnestfarm said...

Glad you are painting again! I adore the bird/sheep paintings, ti...the layers, the colors, shapes, the flow, the relationship of the bird and sheep. I like the one with the red chair too. In Hugo b's barn it would have been tvs.