Pre-surgery sketch & fun facts

Blind contour drawing of a thryoid, January, 2013

I am a week away from having at least half of my thyroid
removed. Possibly the entire thing, depending what is
found in the somewhat large tumor.

Thyroids are odd glands. Some 'fun' thyroid facts:
  • The word thyroid is derived from the Greek word for shield, thureos. The Greeks and Romans originally used the word thureos for oblong-shaped doors. Since their shields were shaped like these doors, shields were also called thureos.
  • I did not read anything about actual doors being used as shields, but I have a story imagined about cartoon-y Greeks protecting themselves by tearing off their back doors and rushing toward bewildered intruders. 
  • The thyroid is composed of two oblong tear-drop forms connected by an isthmus, which all curve around the throat, just under the larynx. The form of the thyroid is usually referred to as 'amorphous', since it is difficult to describe and a little differently shaped for everyone. FYI, I like the word amorphous, except in the case of biopsy results.
  • Like many glands, the thyroid is controlled remotely. The hormones released by the thyroid are controlled by the pituitary gland, and the pituitary gland is controlled by the hypothamulus. Seems inefficient.

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