Embracing Change and Chance

Last Thursday, the surgeon explained that the
tumor-free right side of my thyroid hasn't been
functioning well and is declining fast. He said that
with the new thyroid medication, the right side of
the thyroid will slowly shrivel up and not function
at all.

Flashback. July 2003, I wrap fresh pears in copper
wire, repeatedly pierce them with a pencil point,
and then place them in the hot summer sun on a
studio roof at the Minneapolis College of Art and
Design. It takes only a few days, and the pears are
shriveled and transformed. (A few weeks later I find
out that I am expecting our second child.)
Wrapped Pear,2003, aka Thyroid Lobe in a Cage


In 2003 I wrote, "Exposing the copper wire
wrapped pears to the forces of nature proved to
be a visceral process of embracing change and
chance... Later, when I had these on display, it
was interesting how people would first cringe,
then move closer with curiosity."

I realize now that the sun-dried pear remains
have an eerie similarity to the texture and form
of a thyroid lobe, especially one in the early
process of shriveling up.


M K VanGieson said...

I am reminded of that summer - watching you wrap the pears and then hunt for the ones the squirrels tried to carry off. I was pleased to trade work and have two pears for my own. The next July my husband died suddenly and my life was changed. For me, these pears hold what was.

tibesonen said...

Thank you MK. I have great memories of that month with our studio spaces side-by-side! And I am forunate to own some of your work too.