After 5 years, "i am water" is home

After its five year tour through 14 states, I unpacked 
my 2-panel, painted collage i am water last night. Is 
it possible to be envious of a well-traveled artwork? 
I did accompany this work to New York during my
2007 solo exhibit at the SOHO20 Gallery in
Chelsea, but since then it has been touring with the
group exhibit The Veil:Visible & Invisible
Spaces to college campuses all over the United

In 2010, I got to view the veil exhibit when it was
at California State Dominguez Hills near L.A.,
just before it was taken down. During that 2010
trip, I repaired the fragile sewing pattern paper
edges of the work, so it could endure three more
years of travel. It held up well since then, much to
my relief and that of the curator, Jennifer Heath.

Unrolling the 2-panel painted collage last night, above.
It is still in great condition, despite being mainly
made of sewing pattern paper.

Me and the poet, LouAnn Shepard Muhm
Just after this 2007 exhibit at Finlandia University
in Hancock, Michigan, i am water
began its five year journey.
i am water has the words of my poet
friend, LouAnn Shepard Muhm, block
printed upon it. The two panels read
like this:

i am smoke                   when i can be
more often i am water 
in the shape of               my container

The Veil: Visible and Invisible Spaces press release:
The Veil: Visible and Invisible Spaces is an exhibition,
curated by Jennifer Heath, of thirty-six works of art,
each of which considers The Veil, its many manifestations
and interpretations and puts veils and veiling into context.

Visible and Invisible Spaces intends to engage received
wisdom about the veil - particularly current clichés and
stereotypes about Islamic practices - and to reflect on
the great ubiquity, importance and profundity of the
veil throughout human history and imagination. Visible
and Invisible Spaces asks artists to investigate the veil in
its broadest contexts. The exhibition will be divided into
three categories to be interpreted widely: The Sacred
Veil, The Sensuous Veil , and The Sociopolitical Veil.
Visible and Invisible Spaces, however, is not a
documentary exhibition.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much, Tiffany. This feels like a real vote of confidence. And "I Am Water" is one of the loveliest works of art I have ever seen. Thanks so much for participating in The Veil.

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