Weightless Polar Vortex, Exile for Artists

So, the new semester has started at school. New classes,
much like the craziness of the beginning of the school
year--without as much sunlight or time to prepare. BUT,
I do feel the difference with recent sunlight increases and
have started to set up a new studio nest in the lofted space
of our house. (Our new house, also known as as the polar
vortex exile. If we leave, we will most likely die... in
Northern Minnesota in January during a polar vortex, this
isn't an exaggeration.) Feels great to have some of the
weight of teaching a new semester lifted, and time to think
about something else--my own art, perhaps?

Time and Space, artists are always begging for more
time and space. Now that I have both for a few days,
a weightless sensation has taken over and these seemingly
weightless small bowls are forming. Working smaller than
usual, adds to this weightlessness.

Just one layer so far, more will be added to strengthen,
illustrations for the centers need to be added, and then
each small bowl will be inscribed with a line from Litany, 
an incantation poem by LouAnn Shepard Muhm for our
Reassurances: Incantation Bowls Reimagined project.
Details of a small bowl in progress:

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