It's really happening!

I can not explain the progress of our collaborative 
project any better. So, below is LouAnn's recent blog 
post. I have said it many times before; Spring is a 
great time for creative energies. The time when those 
hibernated ideas climb out and insist upon being 
heard. The time when I get this Spring urgency for 
action, passed down from generations of farmers... 
Time to embrace new growth.

Litany Bowl Series, Shaggy Tinder

It is really happening!
by LouAnn Muhm, louannmuhm.com
March 22, 2014

After two years, and much planning, dreaming, and work,
Reassurances: Incantation Bowls, Reimagined is getting
ready for its debut.  We are pretty sure (contracts in the
works) that the collection will be exhibited in Pennsylvania
in October of this year. It is truly amazing to think back to
the inception of this crazy idea (read more here and here)
and to realize that Tiffany Besonen and I have actually
made it happen, with the help of the Minnesota State Arts
Board, Region 2 Arts Council, and a number of individuals,
most notably Jennifer Heath, who was there when we had
the idea, helped us talk it out, and has supported it all along.
Jill Odegaard is doing the same now, helping us finalize all
the moving parts, and helping us imagine new moving parts.

The bowls pictured are smaller, more fragile ones, each
with one line of a poem called “Litany”–a list of my
wishes, for myself and for the world. The small bowls are
as beautiful as the big ones, and their fragility echoes the
fragility of my hopes. Both require careful handling.

I am continually amazed at the way Tiffany’s visual
images enhance and expand my understanding and
appreciation of my own words.  Writing poetry is such a
mystical process, and writing these incantations has been
even more so. Listening to Tiffany’s process of thinking,
and seeing how her imagery has evolved–now crow and
fox are emerging as themes, with all their mythical,
metaphorical and symbolic richness–has made my own
process deeper and more meaningful.  This is the beauty
of collaboration. The work of the collaborators intertwines
and informs itself and becomes something wholly different
than the component parts alone.

Stay tuned for more definite news, and thanks for being

LouAnn Muhm is the recipient of an Artist Initiative 
Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. This 
activity is funded, in part, by the Minnesota State 
Legislature from the State’s arts and cultural heritage 
 fund with money from the vote of the people of 
Minnesota on Nov. 4, 2008.

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