Doors, not the band

I love our Summer bubble! 5.5 miles to a Summer
restaurant job. 4.5 miles to the local organic foods
store. 4.25 miles to the beach. 0 miles to make art
or garden. I broke out of the bubble last week, and it
was worth it. My husband, a 4th grader teacher, often
says that both learning and growth always involve
some level of discomfort. The discomfort, of course,
is temporary.

Minneapolis is one of my favorite cities, so being
there is pretty comfortable. Sleeping on a dorm bed,
on the other hand, was not. The greatest challenge
last week lead to what may be one of my greatest
breakthroughs to complete a cohesive body of work
for Reassurances: Incantation Bowls Reimagined
--Doors. Enter the disclaimer that I am not a big
Doors, the band, fan. My doors are somewhat surreal
though, like the lyrics of the band.

Doors are a natural progression for this body of work.
The ancient incantation bowls were buried under the
threshold of front doors of family homes. Taking photos
of doors and really thinking about the experience of
walking through them was key. So, I walked around
Minneapolis College of Art and Design last week and
took photos of opening doors. Open doors and the
space around them, instead of my first drawings of
cold closed door fronts, lead to the door break-
through. Yes, the metaphors abound. By the way, I
just decided Opening Doors would be my band name,
if I had a band.

In-progress, experimenting with
displaying curved out from the wall
Possibly finished, temporarily entitled Door #1
gouache, charcoal, coffee staining, carbon transfer

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