What grows and what kills curiosity? Hint, you.

What kills my curiosity? 
  1. Being busy. Avoiding or not making time and space to think, practice, or play.
  2. Avoiding challenges.
  3. Only skimming and scanning, and not thinking about what I read and see.
  4. Worrying about the results and not enjoying the process.
  5. Not writing down my thoughts, reactions, and questions.
  6. Not sketching ideas.
  7. Not listening to or having time for interesting people.
  8. Keeping thoughts to myself. Or, wasting time with people who do not listen.
  9. Not trying anything new, or not looking at routines and habits in a new way.
  10. Not asking questions. Or, trying to find answers too quickly.
  11. Missing connections, or ignoring them.
  12. Repeatedly ignoring those fascinations that keep me wondering.
  13. Me.

What grows my curiosity? 
  1. Making time to think, and space to practice and play.
  2. Taking on new challenges.
  3. Reading and intensely observing, and then thinking about it.
  4. Wondering 'what if', and not worrying about the results.
  5. Writing down my thoughts, reactions, questions.
  6. Sketching thoughts, reactions, questions.
  7. Listening to inquisitive, curious people.
  8. Sharing ideas with people who really listen.
  9. Trying something new, or something old in a new way.
  10. Asking big and little questions, and then allowing time to ponder them.
  11. Making connections, and then making more.
  12. Repeatedly following those fascinations that keep me wondering.
  13. Me.
Dream Dots, Digital Pattern for surface design
made from Between Fierce Dreams painting.

Original painting, Between Fierce Dreams, 2016
acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30"

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