Hope in 2020

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2019 Joy, 2020 HOPE

Since 2014, I have selected a word of the year. Like I said in 2016, "This one large word/idea, like a block of basswood, begins the new year with a promise. If I will work at it with both wild abandon and careful hewning, something from within it will be set free." Now at the beginning of 2020, I want to add that approaching one chosen word for a year opens me up to chance and synchronicity, as well as building trust, confidence, and patience during difficult times. 

In 2019, I've found that authentic joy must not be pushed down or ignored as it bubbles up. And, I am learning to celebrate the view when I reach a goal. This leads me to my word for 2020, HOPEAllowing yourself to feel joy grows hope. I think both joy and hope die with excess anger, anxiety, and fear. 

What else grows hope? I will explore that in 2020, although I am open to hope having a life of its own. Most growth does have a life of it's own. 

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