What are your first memories of home?


Site 1: swamp tamarack, -12F & 35mph winds
The AMBIOTIC pear forms just after they were hung
near the debris of a tamarack tree that was struck by
lightning in 2005. These sculptures were exhibited at
the SOHO20 Gallery in NYC a year ago.
New York was great, but they seem at home in the swamp.
What are your first memories of home?


T. Besonen said...
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T. Besonen said...

I remember smelling a warm spring day, and seeing the first sprouts of grass as I played on the hillside that was our small front yard.

Anonymous said...

Standing in the hot, sun filled, dining room with my red, hooded sweater on. Refusing to take it off because I was hiding a homemade blue ribbon I had earned in Kindergarten for counting to 100. As my mom continued to talk on the phone and make me wait, the sweat ran down my neck and sweater began to itch.

DesiNYC said...

With my siblings in our big bedroomm, blinds drawn but half lit, we are supposed to nap, but I am caught up in a long rambling account of an adventure of Abbot and Costello type, so that even my older brother and sister giggle in fits.

Anonymous said...

I remember...the blackberry bush from our backyard. As Spring approached the branches would come to life again, the berries would appear...first green, then red, and finally black. My Brother and I would pick and gather as many as possible. Dad would be on the porch getting the machine ready. After a lot of cranks and a lot of salt...it would be the best blackberry ice cream you've ever tasted.