Where do you go?

Site 2: curved pine
We went deeper into our woods to find another site for more
AMBIOTIC forms that were in storage, breathing so much
easier here than in the plastic storage boxes. Every once in
awhile I also need to get out of my plastic box and get time
in the woods, not just outside, but deeper and away from the
daily pressures, to find natural abundance. Where do you go?
Where do you go?


Anonymous said...

I go for a daily walk around my neighborhood, endlessly fascinated by the small changes that happen day by day: snow drifts lessen in size, dead leaves appear, birdsong quickens.

hawksnestfarm said...

I go skiing...everyday. So I see snow. And I see snow patterns. In the early mornings, the snow cat claw marks cover the hillside. But by mid afternoon on a busy day slithery snake shapes rule the hill. But today I saw a giant eleven--two long sticks--going straight down Trudy's Schuss, and thought "oh dear, I hope the ski patrol didn't show up."

Speaking of deer...have the woodland critters been nibbling on those delicious beeswax papers?

Mary Klein said...

My easel is my get-away. When I'm painting I'm transported. Second to that is my patch of land here. I can wander and notice little changes until the neighbors start noticing me - then I get a bit self-conscious.

T. Besonen said...

I'm not sure what the deer have done since I was at this site! I will find out tomorrow and report back. This curved pine area is home to many deer, so we will add a trail camera SOON to get images and video of the action when we aren't around.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany,

Congratulations on your project. Since I moved to the left coast I have to confess not missing snow...I prefer to cut out snowflakes with my son, out of paper, in the warmth of a California sun. Best wishes,