a new year

A year ago I placed my sewing pattern & wax
pear-shaped forms in the winter woods, and
then proceeded to document their transformation
in photographs, film, and journaling.

Was I motivated most by surviving winter and
capturing the light of the fleeting sun? A response
to a lack of workspace? A way to communicate
my recurring questions?

What I do know a year later is that I was also
responding to the constant demand upon us all
to do and have more without appreciating the
abundance multiplying around us.

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Anonymous said...

Your concluding comment is refreshing. My moving here was our response to get away from increasing demands to be more places, do more things, buy more stuff. Not like we moved here and dropped off the face of the Earth, but we are no longer average consumers, we enjoy just hanging out with eachother whether we are reading to eachother or playing a good game of chess or scrabble.

Neighbor Cat