Can you be still?

A year in the woods. Today, February 1, 2009, deer
tracks lead the way back to this place. Once again,
the resiliency is encouraging me to be in winter, be
still, and watch. Like water, I tend to flow in many
directions, but not today.

Nearly a year ago on March 1, 2008 I wrote, "This
has been up for three weeks and the resiliency of the
sewing pattern paper and beeswax is encouraging. If
these fragile forms can withstand winter, so can I...
By March, I forget about the lightning, the mosquitoes,
the weeds. Okay, I will be in winter, following rabbits
for awhile."

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Eliz Bisbing said...


I love these winter woods installation shots. Did the work "survive" the winter? The snow on the fragile pattern paper is very poignant.

Elizabeth Bisbing