To make art is to be vulnerable.

There are times when subtly and silence is golden, and
others when it is tense. Times to speak up. Times to stay
silent. I am still learning how to accept and embrace all of
the above, while not second-guessing myself so much. It
will always amaze me how making art is such a great
metaphor for simply living life.

Silence, 2012
acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36"
I have never claimed to be a great speaker. I enjoy some
writing, and my art always communicates in a way my words
can not. I suppose if I got more satisfaction from expressing
myself verbally, art wouldn't be as essential. Here lies the
tension in both talking about art and teaching it... I have to dig 
deep when explaining the necessity of making art and putting
yourself out there. I know the necessity of making art in my bones,
but explaining that verbally is especially challenging. I suppose
this is why it is so important for my students and my own children
to see my work as it develops through all of its awkward stages.
If I expect anyone else to take that leap and be a little vulnerable,
then I too have to show some courage. 

Art is not about self-indulgence, like some who dare not make
it would like to think. For me, selling the product of someone else
is so much easier than putting my own work out there. But, as
most of us know, not doing art when you are an artist isn't
a good option either. To make art is to be vulnerable. But then
to truly live, is to be vulnerable--end of story.

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